The union representing a number of employees at long-term care facilities say many members have yet to receive their extra pandemic pay announced by the provincial government in April.

The Tories announced April 25 they would be providing a temporary pandemic pay of $4 an hour as well as a monthly lump sum payment of $250 to eligible front-line workers who work more than 100 hours a month.

Eligible workers include those at municipal, private and not-for-profit long-term care homes.

Paula Randazzo, president of the Healthcare, Office and Professional Employees’ Union, said members at a number of private sites, including Chippawa Creek at Bella Care Residence in Niagara Falls, have yet to see any extra cash added to their pay cheques.

“I get asked every day by somebody about this money and every day, unfortunately, my answer is the same,” she said.

“Although the for-profit organizations can afford to pay out the money and wait for the government to reimburse them, they’re making the employees wait.”

A personal support worker at Chippawa Creek is disappointed she and co-workers have to wait for their pandemic pay, while colleagues at other facilities are already receiving the top-up.

“Every single person in our building has given their blood, sweat and tears for our job, not just now, but always and we felt unappreciated,” said the PSW, who did not want to be identified.

“We always feel we have to fight for what we deserve, and it gets exhausting.”

Randazzo agreed, saying it is unfair that some operators are holding off until the government distributes the funds first.