Healthcare Workers Representing Health Care Workers


HOPE Representatives are experienced negotiators and problem-solvers. They know how to deal with management and are fearless in standing up for their members. Backing up our Representatives is an outstanding in-house legal department.

Every HOPE member has free access to our in-house legal team with over 100 years of collective experience with grievances, arbitrations and WSIB issues. If you have a work-related legal issue, you’re in good hands with HOPE.


As soon as HOPE is certified by the government as your legal representative, we get immediately to work on negotiating your first collective agreement. That agreement is a legally-enforceable contract that sets out your wages, benefits working conditions and other rights related to your job. Here’s how it happens:

  • You elect co-workers to represent you at the bargaining table so that your facility’s concerns are fully addressed.

  • HOPE staff conducts extensive research on existing collective agreements in facilities like yours to ensure we are bargaining for the highest standards in the LTC sector.

  • Should your employer resist bargaining a fair contract, we do not hesitate to go the nest step.

  • Interest Arbitration. Some unions won’t go to Arbitration because it requires a lot of work and money. HOPE says: “Bring it on!”


A collective agreement is not worth much if it isn’t enforced. That takes vigilance and resources. HOPE has both.

  • If your employer violates your contract rights, HOPE is there to challenge them. Your Steward, backed up by full-time HOPE representatives, meets with management to try to resolve the issue.

  • If your grievance is legitimate but management continues to refuse to respect your rights, the union’s legal team takes up the issue. The Carpenters’ Union’s in-house legal staff are experienced “tough as nails” lawyers and paralegals with a great track record of winning.

  • If we have to go to arbitration to protect your rights, so be it. It’s an expensive process but the cost to you is nothing – it’s covered by your union dues.


  • The incidence of disabling work-related injuries in Ontario Long Term Care facilities is growing because of staff shortages and lack of proper equipment.

  • HOPE has caring, professional WSIB specialists on staff to protect your rights, cut through the red tape and get you your rightful benefits. With HOPE as your union, WSIB help is just a phone call work away.


HOPE’s workplace Stewards are trained to be an effective first line of defense of members’ rights. Do not hesitate to talk to your HOPE Steward about any work-related issue. He or she will know what to do and will contact your full-time Representative at once if necessary.

HOPE Stewards are trained to handle issues that arise in the workplace. They are dedicated volunteers who care about their co-workers.


HOPE will be happy to talk to you and answer all the questions you may have about our Union. All inquiries are confidential.

Please visit our contact page to request further information.